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July 2019

— I know how storing stuff In memory works

— Its pretty clever to have such function

— But why there's a loop around it?

— Ok, seems I got it. It searches for m elements right?


However it requires some experience with the allocated storage duration and is used in C. Using vectors would be much simpler way.

— Did you go through the first link. In this problem it is searching the element inside the array m number of times. We have to search m numbers inside the array, if they exist we will print the index and if it doesn't it will print -1.

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— I'm not very good at reading tasks, sorry :)

— Its okay. You don't need to be sorry for anything.I guess that's why we are here to learn and adopt new good habits.

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— Exactly pal.

— Hi. A have strange error with my project

— Https://

— Maybe i shoul manyally set order of obj file should linking?

— What's the ide you use?

— If you use Qt, you can have some errors with the library of the others or somethings which works not as you want

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— I had a problem of linking objects (like you) when I wanted to compile it in the ide of Qt