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July 2019

— Why are you lumping js and php together with haskell lol

— Many

— This tbqh, wildly different languages

— Many
well, if it's a big company there are probably lots of technologies used
I think no one will try to do everything in C++ (build scripts in C++? backend for corporate portal in C++?)

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Because compiling takes a lot of time, and for a scripting language like Python, you just want to execute right away

— Yep as a primary language i was saying

— You will save a fuckton of time on those 3 seconds you spent compiling

— Good luck if you think all programs need 3 seconds to compile

— Brb playing csgo for a while

— I would say it's safer language but pretty useless

— If you write anything that large in python you're actually retarded

— +1

— :v

— Well, every company I worked with 😄
some statistics from google results

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— The thing is that interpreted languages are very convenient and leads to a faster development