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July 2019

— Very sad

— Check out nim lang, it's like python but compiled :^)

— Based shill

— That beats the whole purpose of Python, which is to do things in a short time


Less listen to people who say such things
Haskell is better is some cases, C++ is better in other cases

— How about doing things in a short time, but also having it run for a short time

— Are there any companies which solely works on haskell?

— This

— I don't think so

— These who tried only php/js/haskell cannot talk about C/C++. Their opinion wouldn't be taken serious in most cases, because they know nothing about C/C++.

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— I'd guess those would be financial companies, maybe

— And how many companies are there which solely work on cpp

— Why are you lumping js and php together with haskell lol

— Many

— This tbqh, wildly different languages