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July 2019

— Okay sir

— If I want to troll someone that copies my code when they shouldn't, that's a good way to do it

— Not meaning that you copied it, but it's a pretty troll error

— I just started learning cpp and there are people who say cpp is not good


Depends on the subject. For web development there's better options. For high-performance code it's esentially the best

— It always depends. There's no perfect language for all needs. As there's no perfect solutions for most of the problems.

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— "Shit type system. Imperative. Shared memory. Completely mutable. Shitty support for higher level. Cannot do front end"

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— Thats what they said

— > imperative
Lol, what's wrong with imperativeness?

— Bet they work with JavaScript

— > cannot do front end
So what?

— Cuz they said something like "it's not JavaScript"

— > be js
> call c++ type system shitty

— Reddit spacing

— They say haskell is best