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August 2018

— That's doable


Yeah, I have written these functions, But the only problem is cropping images, Every 350ms it executes theLoop function

— On serverside everything is ok
I used a plugin with my FFMPEG to generate VTT file and that tooltip thumbnail!

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— I'm stuck ): Don't know what to do
I checked out Croppie a and Cropper, But I didn't figure it out how it works exactly

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— How it comes that you able to take series of images from video, but unable to handle them? 🤤

— Is that FFMPEG interface has option to split frames to separate files? are those frames I?

— Tooltip😊 such a cute

— You know, I don't know anything about Javascript, I have generated thumbnails in serverside beside, I'm using JWplayer (haven't bought it yet! :)) )

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— No I told you, I used a script, I didn't create those tooltips!

— So.. is tooltip alright? cutted by the lib and.. you want to propagate that?

— +1 Yes exactly that's what I want to do

— Yes yes.. so is tooltip script serverside?