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July 2019

— Imagine not encrypting your stuff by replacing B with 8, i with 1, etc.

— Send leetspeek regex please

— My variables already look like:

— My variables are like , int 1 = 2 int 2 = 1


Pointer to pointer in general points to an addresss.. and * array name gives the first element of the 1D array... but what does it mean to have a double pointer in command line argument?

— Char* is equivalent of string (often named C-string)
char** is a pointer to array of strings, and argc is the length of this array

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— Main args are amount of command line args and command line args themselves

— Try to show the piece of code that implement this scenario

— Isn't line 10 wrong? I mean it should be char **p right?

— Hii

— 10 line is OK apart from the fact '%c' is supposed to print characters. Line 9 happens to be absolutely wrong

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— Umm... No I didn't mean the printf line

— I meant the line where **p was declared

— Yeah true It's 9th line

— I'm not even sure it'd compile though