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July 2019

— And then use a range-based for while checking the extensions

— What about the unicode ?

— For example chinse or russian based language ?

— Should work


Can someone help me to improve my project by helping me or put me on the track of a mail receiver system?

— Nicolas B:

— I use Qt

— And I found nothing serious about this question and how to use the IMAP and/or POP3 systems to receive mails...

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— #include<studio.h>
int main(){
float a,b;
printf("a=%f b=%f",a,b);
return 0;

Hey. I need a help with above question. Here b's definition is containing a , a being defined after b. On compiling result getting printed is
a=2.3 b=6.5;
Can anyone tell me why is this output getting generated. According to me , error should be there

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— A is defined after b but it is decladed before

— So, it exists and it is valid to use it

— Just, do not rely on it being 0. Its value is undefined and in your case it is 0 but it is not guaranteed

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— There is no header studio.h it's stdio.h (standard I/O)

— You mean a can take any value in this case ??

— Also yes a can be anything if you don't initialize it