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July 2019

— I want to install Linux on my PC. Where can I get the software to download

— Python if you want to do it quickly
C++ if you want to spend your life

— Ok ok thank you

— Just download any distro and write it on flash drive/DVD
Usually distro is .iso file

* btw it isn't Linux chat *

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I think you should choose language that you like and want to learn :D
There is no “the best way” in programming, there is only practice, a lot of practice

— Okk

— But is there a particular website address that I can download the distro from

— Hell no! Programming machine learning models or deep learning neural networks in C++ must be hell itself. At best, you can look for some framework that does the job, but don't risk your sanity doing it all by hand. Btw, scikit-learn is easy to use and works quite good

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— Always use the right tools for the right job

— Oh, I don't really think so. In my opinion it's a good practice to write your own ML program from the basics and to understand how does it work internally

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— I deeply disagree with you. There's lots of maths and statistics behind those models that you'll need some months or even years to really understand them

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— But as I mentioned earlier, it isn't the fastest way and in addition it isn't the right way if you just need programm and don't want to know a little bit more

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— I'm doing maths and computer science at college, and trust me, it's not worthy spending that much time understanding them. In the end, you just end up trying many models and select the best one

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— Maybe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
But I like to learn a lot of compicated topics :D

I think we're completely in the opposite camps about it

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— I like learning too, but in the case of machine learning, the real important part is the practice. Theory is okay to set a solid base, but rarely you'll need to understand it. Use your time wisely, it's not unlimited

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