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July 2019

— Google benchmark ?

— User parteek has 1/2 warnings; be careful!
The latest warn was because:
read the rules, ot

— Hello everyone

— Ok thank you


What is the best way to declare this function BOO::crawlDirectories(TCHAR* szDir)

I want to call like this crawlDirectories(path,array_of_exteions)

— What is the best language to program a drone including machine learning or deep learning?

— I want to install Linux on my PC. Where can I get the software to download

— Python if you want to do it quickly
C++ if you want to spend your life

— Ok ok thank you

— Just download any distro and write it on flash drive/DVD
Usually distro is .iso file

* btw it isn't Linux chat *

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— I think you should choose language that you like and want to learn :D
There is no “the best way” in programming, there is only practice, a lot of practice

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— Okk

— But is there a particular website address that I can download the distro from

— Hell no! Programming machine learning models or deep learning neural networks in C++ must be hell itself. At best, you can look for some framework that does the job, but don't risk your sanity doing it all by hand. Btw, scikit-learn is easy to use and works quite good

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— Always use the right tools for the right job