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July 2019

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How do you test your optimizations guys?
I mean how do you measure the impact of an optimization and see what actually is changed after it?

I was using Valgrind and run 10-20 frames of my game before and after an optimization, but it gives a bit different results each time, also it's hard to compare the results.
Now I'm making synthetic tests that will run some specific logic for specific amount of frames with fixed frame time, so it should be almost the same. But I still will compare two profiler reports by eyes, so I think it's not going to be super effective.

Do you know better ways to compare performance? What way do you use?

— Google benchmark ?

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— Hello everyone

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— What is the best way to declare this function BOO::crawlDirectories(TCHAR* szDir)

I want to call like this crawlDirectories(path,array_of_exteions)

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— What is the best language to program a drone including machine learning or deep learning?

— I want to install Linux on my PC. Where can I get the software to download

— Python if you want to do it quickly
C++ if you want to spend your life

— Ok ok thank you

— Just download any distro and write it on flash drive/DVD
Usually distro is .iso file

* btw it isn't Linux chat *

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