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July 2019

— Do you send these type of questions daily?

— No...I get these questions in my uni's coding club group ... I was having a doubt today

— The answer is C

— I know that pretty well. I was asking for the explanation I guess


Can you suggest me some sites which will upload some questions about cs or c/c++ daily? Or it doesn't exist?

— Pretty much that's it

— 👌

— Thanks

— I know that it's an if statement but what does it evaluates to?

— The comma operator returns the last operand. It's been used for a lot of (doubtful) things. It even led to some library implementors to think about it's overloading (yes, you can overload the comma operator)

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— Was this for me?

— Nope

— I tried to explain it earlier

(2,1,0) returns zero
i=0 returns zero
if(0) evaluates as false
And you got Hello from that branch

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— How does it work

— Which step?