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August 2018

— In async, he/user can make other things, read some "please wait.." or abort or .. in synchro, all events freeze.

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I know is better, just wanted to know on how to offer always the same connection to something, event emitter solves this

— I'm just two days using JavaScript, my questions are dumb for you probably

— I'm not used to so many callbacks, just trying to get used to

— You can make your own checker, it's one day thinking about setTimeout()

— Own checker?

— Which checks the result, if it's ready connected or not connected, or..

— Ah, yes, this is what I did

— You did by.. including dependency? drop a link on that lib

— Just using EventEmitter

— If the global connection is not yet available, I just do a event.on('event_name')

— So when event.emit('event_name') will be signaled, global connection will be available