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July 2019

— My gcc is weird

— And debugging? inline makes it harder

— (you have the source code why bother reading assembly)

— No I mean for final builds like ones you'd publicly release


Cause the compiler does crazy things when optimizing, and sometimes it can eliminate calls you want to debug

— For debugging there is Og

— Step debugging. I do it time to time

— Agree

— I dont find debugging with assembly useful tbh, like it doesn’t tell you much unless your one line is like 50 operations

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— tho i do occasionally miss -g and just debug in assembly from laziness

— There's an optimization in clang that can transform O(n) code in O(1) code

— Uh no?

— Unless your code does nothing in O(n)

— Then might as well O(n^n) to O(1)

— It's for special cases, not always, obviously