Message from C, C++ talks

July 2019

— Asm style :)
but yes it's not needed in C++, compiler is smart enough

— Never done asm. The compiler is smart enough, but I don't and is more difficult to read to me.

— No, I meant you're right

— Can't you move 0 in a reg in asm? Why xor?


You can, but it some cases xor the register with itself is considered faster, I don't remember details

— Tnx

— It's creting issues

— /warn read the rules

— That's 2/2 warnings; kaushik is out!
1: read the rules
2: read the rules

— This.

— \\

— It requires less bytes in asm

— Not sure if it's ub, but looks awful

— It's not UB but it's awful, yes

— Haxor tricks doomed you. At the end of main's while you do n = 0, so n != 4 is always true