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July 2019

— Oh kek, he clearly didn't understand the warn the first time, so it was time for him to go

— And another administration job splendidly done

— Lol!

— 😆


In c++,
I have header file in which I have
static classname *obj;

I have cpp file in which I have
classname *object::obj = NULL

What is the meaning of above? Does anyone have encountered like there in a codebase?

— Hello, I need some help and guidance to solve challenge problem

— This is the problem

— I guess it's static class variable. You wonder why there it's divided into two parts? or what exactly bothers you?

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— This is my solution, but I receive a TLE

— Is this your homework?

— No, I'm improving my skils on C and I enter to a great website called Kattis.

— Lol

— So this is the assignment

— If I were you, I would check that the while loops are never being executed infinitely. Try them with different inputs

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— Also, there are lots of nested loops, so my guess that it has to high complexity