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August 2018

— Many ways to store in scope1, scope2, scope3... global scope.


Well this seems to answer my question, I was also around event emitter but sound not a clean way to do it but if I can wrap it inside a function should work

— Mongoose creates a connection and reuses it

— The problem with globals is as usual, it is not available when you use if if you don't wait for an event or so

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— Oh, ill look for it, thanks

— Ye, it's not available, so what

— Wait until

— Yep, but I can't force client to wait until something always, but wrapping it inside a function isn't that bad

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— Client is automaticly forced to wait, if it synchroneous or asynchoneous

— In async, he/user can make other things, read some "please wait.." or abort or .. in synchro, all events freeze.

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— I know is better, just wanted to know on how to offer always the same connection to something, event emitter solves this

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— I'm just two days using JavaScript, my questions are dumb for you probably