Message from C, C++ talks

July 2019

— Y warn for that

— 1. proper English
2. no asking for books/papers

— Ohhh i agree it was not proper english but was not any other language also

— We don't understand "lmao", "u", "ur", "y". What these are even supposed to mean?


When people ask you to upload source code of your program, upload this using

Or use another paste services. If your code is < 5 lines you can even post it here, formatting it with


— (`) are missed, uh

— Also pastebin is fine, paste rs is sort of more complex for beginners

— Or screenshot it, but not a picture of a screen

— Is there any react developer

— You mean js? Then find another chat

— Which one will be good
To keep radius of circle in float
Or in int?

— Or

— I think

— Double

— Float or double