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August 2018

— Because every function expects a callback in order to be able to use it


If I do MongoClient.connect then I should provide a callback so I can use database/whatever when it is available

— It is great, but at some point it would be amazing to say hey, give this to me, SYNCd

— :D

— Uhm, just wondering if this goes for "behaviour correct" or "to have an instance of a connection" lol

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— Both things

— Lol

— Make simplier variant, then upgrade if it survives

— And, is there any way to store an instance of a connection to use it many times?

— Https://

— Many ways to store in scope1, scope2, scope3... global scope.

— Well this seems to answer my question, I was also around event emitter but sound not a clean way to do it but if I can wrap it inside a function should work

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