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July 2019

— I already warned you to not send photos of screens

— Do a screenshot: use a program that capture your screen (or a portion of it), save it as an image, send the image here

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— Pvt

— Ita?


That are results of your program. Not seeing the code and trying to guess what's wrong with it it's like guessing what's broken in a car just looking to its tire tracks

— Yes I am Italian I go to second' year to high school

— That msg was to andrea

— Check pvt

— Does anyone here have any experience on boost asio lib?

— Yep

— Can i pm you?

— Yes

— Hello good can I created a system that is graphic in nature using c++

— If you're looking for adding a GUI to a desktop app you should look at GUI frameworks and if you want to make something which involves rendering look into OpenGL or Vulkan

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— Mmmm