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August 2018

β€” Yep, that's the point, same with callbacks


There is something weird for me, I'm just doing a mongodb connector, which will occasionally inserting some entries, it seems like if every code out there connect every time for each action to database, is this behaviour correct? isn't more optimal to have an instance of a connection and then use it?

β€” Absolutely🀀

β€” For some reason I find difficult to do it

β€” Because every function expects a callback in order to be able to use it

β€” If I do MongoClient.connect then I should provide a callback so I can use database/whatever when it is available

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β€” It is great, but at some point it would be amazing to say hey, give this to me, SYNCd

β€” :D

β€” Uhm, just wondering if this goes for "behaviour correct" or "to have an instance of a connection" lol

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β€” Both things

β€” Lol

β€” Make simplier variant, then upgrade if it survives