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July 2019

— Epic win

— #ot

Great story btw

— Https://

— Bro code 👍😂


Time complexity, good implementation of algorithms and some trial and error , also depends on the code, language, architecture etc

— And when the day is coming go to the south pole :D

— Well done

— Purge complete.

— #ot

— Https://

— Say a website considers the presence of atleast one digit, lowercase letter, upper case letter n one special character.. as a strong password.. provided it is 6 characters long..

and the user gives a password.. I have to write a function that returns the minumum number of characters needed to make the password strong.

I wrote the code but only half the test cases are passing.. I'm having trouble figuring out where it is going wrong

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— The special characters accepted are: !#$%^&*()-+

— Interesting

— Use regex

— Using pointers to access array this way I never saw that