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July 2019

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— What's a system call


Well you can separate execution into two parts. user and kernel. So when your program is executing for a lot of things you need to call the kernel. Some examples are reading/writing to a file, printing something to the screen, allocating some memory, listing the files in a directory and so on (basically everything that the kernel manages for security reasons and can't be done without calling the kernel)

— So before you call the kernel you set up the parameters for the call. So in assembly for x86_64 to print something you'd set rax, rdi, rsi and rdx to the appropriate values and then do syscall to ask the kernel to execute whatever you wanted to do

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— What are control points in opengl?
I am a bit confused, are they vertices or what exactly
Like for a triangle is it okay to say the control points are three and line control points 2 or is entirely something different.
Please let me know if you have a answer

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— /notes

— List of notes in C/C++:
- 0_to_show_item_use"#item"
- awesomeness
- best
- best-book
- bingo
- callingfunction
- cbook
- `c++_isnt_c_with_classes`
- cpp
- cppbook
- findprojects
- freeprogrammingbooks
- gcc9
- goodcodingmentality
- goodgoogling
- googleit
- great
- hownottoask
- howtoask
- howtopostcode
- howtoprogram
- ide
- learn
- mcve
- meta
- noendl
- nousingstd
- offtopic
- ossu
- ot
- reference-the-standard
- rules
You can retrieve these notes by using /get notename, or #notename

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— -findprojects

— #findprojects

— 1. Go to
2. Tap on search.
3. Use advanced search.
4. Select your working language.
5. Press the search button.
6. Hover through the repositories and select one of them.
7. Fork it.
8. Do what you want to do.
9. Make a pull request so that the "original owner" can look at the changes and merge them if he feels the need to.
10. Voila!

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— Waah nice 😐

— #callingfunction

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