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July 2019

— It's an information

— Lame.

— 😕

— Information technology I guess


When you ask a question on stack overflow and wait 2 hrs for someone to answer and get down voted and marked as duplicate instead of reading the documentation for 15 mins:

— Use CLI and a file

— Hello

— Hey Chris

— Hey

— WElcome

— Thankuu

— /

— What's a system call

— Well you can separate execution into two parts. user and kernel. So when your program is executing for a lot of things you need to call the kernel. Some examples are reading/writing to a file, printing something to the screen, allocating some memory, listing the files in a directory and so on (basically everything that the kernel manages for security reasons and can't be done without calling the kernel)

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— So before you call the kernel you set up the parameters for the call. So in assembly for x86_64 to print something you'd set rax, rdi, rsi and rdx to the appropriate values and then do syscall to ask the kernel to execute whatever you wanted to do

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