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June 2019

— Sure

— Https://

— Off word: you should call delete if using new keyword in cxx

— Is swimmingPool* swimmingPool1 a bad example?


You are allocating it on a heap so you need to clear it later.
you can create it on a stack, just simply do swimmingPool swimmingPool1(1,2,3);

— And this looks strange
`1 double swimmingPool::WaterRequiredToFill(double initialVolume)
2 {
3     return (initialVolume = 7.5*length*width*depth);
4 }

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— Hello World
I'm trying to make 3x3 tiles puzzle maker (random) and solver.
Someone can help?
Not need to be graphics.

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— Have you done something? Cause I'm not gonna do that for you

— Im don't want that you will do for me !
Im looking for the algorithm i have no idea
Even i can do that in python
Im only want to understund how to solve that

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— I have done it the swimmingPool swimmingPool1(1,2,3); and it shows no errors but it swill wont open the cmd

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— When I run it on dev c++ it shows no error, but when I run it on cengage mindtap it shows this

— It’s not a solution, just a tip

— Devcxx

— Ohh

— /get findprojects