Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— Is there a way to implement DGA into c++ in a easy way?

— The compiler is very clear, as Pavel said. And also, yep, the compiler is right

— Yup, I saw it, sorry my eyes are very tired didnt noticed that I doubled that

— When I removed it, I encountered this one


Your constructor should be void swimmingPool::swimmingPool(…) not swimmingPool::poolSize, that’s the duplicate

— Cause now you're calling a constructor that's not defined

— Done, Im not sure if it is working properly

— I compiled it and run it

— But theres no error

— Also theres no showing on my screen

— Could you post the whole code?

— And if you can, a minimal example that reproduces your problem

— Sure

— Https://

— Off word: you should call delete if using new keyword in cxx