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August 2018

— One guy, high up, his daughter brought home a black boy as a BF, and they were so shocked and profiled the poor guy, and decided to teach their company a lesson instead of just attending one of these classes

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> detects racism from self
> gets sad, launches mandatory training for everyone to make themselves feel less racist

— They expect only 50% of the company to be done with it by 2019, it's a fuckton of people

— Wtf

— Very funny😂

— Kill them all😆

— Https://

— Would love some of that

— Okay

— I have two strings of dom node classNames. then i determine the difference in cssRules applying those classNames to the node. i want to use cache to speedup next time. the question is how to store the diff object and how to access it fast having those two classes? your variant:

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— Hmm.. i will probably use linked list {class1:{class2:{diff12}}, class2:{class1:{diff12}}}

— /warn