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June 2019

— One more question, It's based on Embedded C perspective

— What does actually happen when we declare a variable as static volatile unsigned char TMR0.

— This is declared inside a header file. Why the combination of static and volatile keyword.

— What context is the variable declared in?


It's actually in the header file for PIC microcontroller, here the TMR0 is a timer zero register inside microcontroller. when we include this header file we can use this keyword.

— Static volatile unsigned char TMR0 0x01;
static volatile unsigned char PCL 0x02;

— This is the real complete line at that file. Actually operator will write the value we given to the variable TMR0 inside the address 0x01 and same for PCL.

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— The static keyword means that the variable can only be "seen" inside the file it is declared

— But why these variables inside header file is declared as static volatile ...

— Guys

— I got one problem

— I got project of Student record system

— And it executes in right way

— But

— It exports database file