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August 2018

— Hello group!


They actually insult people and use derogatory tems IN THE TRAINING to describe you if you don't go be a white knight

— America dying

— Hello Nathan! I am group

— Hi group, Im dad

— When my own company puts me in a room for 5 hours just so I can get put on a guilt trip for not angrily exploding at every bad joke I hear in the office, it certainly feels that way

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— Dad Nathan group Hi!

— I got new labels for not being a workplace superhero, "enabler", "perpetuator", and they kept going until it got to the point where it sounded like they were just reading off the security department's instructions on how to arrest people

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— My senior engineer was in the same class and it was fucking hilarious, he's the guy that dragged me outside for hours and said I'm a threat to his kids because I'm Queer, so he just had one hell of a time

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— How did it get there

— Why are they doing this?