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June 2019

— You shouldn’t.

— Printf its print format
Print with format for...
It's can be console at your programm

— If you want i can give more information but it information
Conteins bit part of accebler

— Just to explain how this work


When you try to read a string it reads only until space right.. what do you do if you want to read the full sentence?

— Other than using a loop to read until null character... there's no other way'?

— In C language

— I have little bit stupid question :D I am trying some reverse engineering challenges and I need somehow create char[9] (10 character long string) where after adding number 4 I will get 64 ('')

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— That's clever idea, I will tryy...

— Well, That didn't work out

— This is the code, I just need to pass these 2 if statements (puParm2 is the string)

— What i asked was a doubt.. it wasnt related to your question..

— I want to be able to just read and print a sentence.. without using the loop

— Https://

— Anybody helpme with this code