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August 2018

— Well the way things are going with all the "diversity and inclusion" themes in all the large companies, they are telling their staff to attack each other in response to hearing something you disagree with

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If I hear Bob call Cathy a cunt, or use a racial slur, I'm supposed to go fuck Bob up at least verbally

— And also, they are telling the staff that we're the ones who are responsible for being inclusive, but my own boss isn't even inclusive of me so what the fuck am I supposed to do?

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— It's just like no, I'm not a white knight, I fix servers, where's the training class that tells the staff what to do if they GET attacked? Nowhere to be seen

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— Wtf

— All that text and the one thing that Thomas's eye finds is that

— Holy shit

— Far-right neonazi

— And the guilt trip, jesus fucking christ the guilt tripping

— How to get Bob to think you're a cunt as well

— Hello group!

— They actually insult people and use derogatory tems IN THE TRAINING to describe you if you don't go be a white knight

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