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August 2018

— The internet is getting shittier and shittier and when you make your money with it, you roll around in the shit and just accept it

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So something like 4 million CNN readers being redirected to a fake Amazon ad for 4 months straight not only happens often, but is treated like any other issue

— I fucking hate this industry and media companies in general even moreso after working for one

— Jeez

— I thought adsafe was proven unbreakable?

— I had to attend a mandatory 5 hour “conscious inclusion” training about how I should attack people I don’t like, and to not profile people, from a company that literally publishes scientific research on how to profile people to sell them shit, head up ass

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— It is nothing but a whitelist

— The vendor doesn’t do anything special as far as I can tell

— Other than have a “secure” looking domain name

— They have some extreme ethical design violations too, as most of them do

— Attack people you don't like? Wat

— Well the way things are going with all the "diversity and inclusion" themes in all the large companies, they are telling their staff to attack each other in response to hearing something you disagree with

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