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June 2019

— Any free alternative of codeblocks

— I was trying to download yesterday it got stuck

— Codeblocks is free

— Well you must have the file to include it, and graf.h isn't a standard header file


But you know before few days there was problem with it which I have discussed here
So I am seeking for alternative of it

— What do you recommend for 2d gamedev?I mean a framework or engine.

— Visual Studio Community
Atom (just a text editor)
Visual Studio Code (just a text editor)

— Here are some

— Where I'm wrong

— The missing {

— Gosh, so many errors in 9 lines

— What I do now plz everything help mr

— Me

— Please, read something about cpp functions, strings and English language. Moreover don't use screen photos

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— The error Si
[Error]'return0' dose not name a type