Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— As long as you have the specific compiler/interpreter available

— Ohh... Alright.

— Why do you say that?

— Anyone gaana premium account?


Well because it depends on the nature of the program. If it's a large one that requires efficient debugging and unit testing, I'll prefer going with the IDE that supports the language.

— Go on

— I'm of the opinion that IDEs add a lot of junk you really don't need. Surely there's many good stuff in them (Visual Studio has a lot of good debugging tools), but you lose control of the project files quite easily

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— In Linux / Ubuntu u can use vim or nano command

— In window codeblock option with minGW can be used to run c/c++ ,win32 application etc

— 😁

— Codeblocks is on Linux aswell

— Warn for ot? ^^

— Lol I guess this is Maxi

— Hi, what atom plugins do you use for cpp?

— Not that many, but minimap, linter and dbg-gdb are the most important, I think