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June 2019

— Use Visual studio

— Thats very clever

— How to run code in atom? use visual studio

— Rather than trying out with a text editor, it's better to use an ide.


The problem with IDEs is that, unless you program that lenguage most of the time, you need plugins for every other language (which may or may not exist)

— I use Atom because is an easy-to-use text editor and allows to program in any other language

— As long as you have the specific compiler/interpreter available

— Ohh... Alright.

— Why do you say that?

— Anyone gaana premium account?

— Well because it depends on the nature of the program. If it's a large one that requires efficient debugging and unit testing, I'll prefer going with the IDE that supports the language.

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— Go on

— I'm of the opinion that IDEs add a lot of junk you really don't need. Surely there's many good stuff in them (Visual Studio has a lot of good debugging tools), but you lose control of the project files quite easily

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— In Linux / Ubuntu u can use vim or nano command

— In window codeblock option with minGW can be used to run c/c++ ,win32 application etc