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August 2018

— All the ad vendors do their things and pay us


It pisses me off because sometimes a page will load for a whole 60 seconds before being done thanks to a dumbass tracking pixel or some other ad related crap

— And I get alerts every time

— Normally it is some failure of the ad vendor, like DNS or connection failure, sometimes they straight up get infected by malware which takes over the entire website

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— Jesus christ

— Just do adsafe?

— We use adsafe as well as a ton of other providers

— Rubicon, doubleclick, etc

— Nothing will stop the hackers man

— The internet is getting shittier and shittier and when you make your money with it, you roll around in the shit and just accept it

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— So something like 4 million CNN readers being redirected to a fake Amazon ad for 4 months straight not only happens often, but is treated like any other issue

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— I fucking hate this industry and media companies in general even moreso after working for one