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June 2019

— In different cases every programming language have it's own benefits

— Uhuh

— Thanks a lot!

— I'd look into GWAN if I were you


Hi everyone!
Join our C++/Qt group on Telegram to be a member of a constructive group and share knowledge with many experts and helpful members in a friendly atmosphere. :)
Our group's ID: CplusplusQt

I'm sharing the group after getting the permission of K11M1

— Somebody know how can I do filter in open cv with c language?

— Would be better if you will be more specific

— Her I load the img

— And for example I want it to be a gray img with filter

— So how can I do it

— ?

— Just use the Python API. It's way easier to use

— I must use c

— Rtfm

— Extend python interpreter using c and script using python. Now you've used both.