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August 2018

— StartYourEngines


I've just tested "JS size == speed" article, with a low-end mobile profile in Chrome. plotly.js == 2.6Mb (compressed, uncompressed ~4Mb)...

— Then, i took a BMP image with size 3Mb:

— Finally, a super small JS file 200bytes:

— So, yeah, smaller scripts cause a performance lag😅 bigger scripts are faster. stop compressing😊

— Lmk, I support that

— Any suggestions are welcome as it says

— Tell them to shape up

— There is nothing to be done for 99.9% of the errors/warnings

— It’s not our code

— All the ad vendors do their things and pay us

— It pisses me off because sometimes a page will load for a whole 60 seconds before being done thanks to a dumbass tracking pixel or some other ad related crap

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