Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— Ok I understand

— Is anyone instead into vulnerability research from here?

— Think here what I should do

— Actually in my country India telegram web is not properly working man
Only app is properly working
It seems banned or gives multiple errors that's why
I have to take picture Mihail
Think here what should I do now mihail

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You could also send a pastebin/compiler explorer/wandbox link. There's many good ways to share code in Telegram (even formatting is a good solution), but pictures of a screen are just horrible

— I didn't get

— I don't have anyone of them

— Oh, you don't have a browser? If you do, then you have those

— Formatting code in Telegram is as simple as enclosing it between three consecutive `

— Like this

This is multiline code
as you can see

Or you can do inline code by enclosing the code between one `

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— Don't tell excuses when you have a lot of tools to correctly share your code

— Telegram web or desktop is not working man in India
It seems blocked
I am seeing everything from my phone

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— It's not code he's trying to share

— I told you to check the dropdown above

— ^