Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— The best one

— When you go into the compiler settings tab do you see one listed there?

— Purge complete.

— Purge complete.


I thing there was not anyone
and then i clicked compiler option and tried auto detect option of toolchain executables then it says could not detect auto installation path of Microsoft visual c++

— Try re-running the setup and make sure to check for any compiler-related options

— There was menu called for tan

— By default it shows Microsoft visual c++ 2010
There are many other options

— Does it also show one labelled GCC?

— Whish should be highlighted as installed or available

— Yes many

— User Mero has 1/2 warnings; be careful!
The latest warn was because:
advertisment. read the rules

— Yes but most of them aren't highlighted and so are not installed/available

— Does only MSVC++ 2010 show as installed?

— It shows that
So I thing it is installed
but then it was not able to auto detect the path