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June 2019

— Why void main ? ofc u need to build ur code 1st

— Then execute

— You might want to fix some "errors"
- since your file extension is .c a compiler might try to compile it as C code. Better to use .cc or .cpp file extensions for C++ code
- void main() should be int main()
- iostream (without the .h)
- Prepend std:: to cout


#include <iostream>
int main() {
std::cout << "this is fun";

Then try to build it

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— Ye, good answer :3


I still don't get why some people use deprecated headers. Many things are wrong with people that start their journey with Turbo C++

— Unfortunately there are a lot of rather bad C++ tutorials

— Still it gave same error again

— And many prehistoric teachers that are stuck in the past

— Primitive people

— Do you have a compiler installed? Did you try to build it?

— You messed up yous installation, probably, or you're doing something you were not suppossed to do

— In all situations, google is your friend

— I have downloaded it but not sure about its compiler it was of 86 mb

— It was 4th option of website of codeblocks

— What OS are you using?