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June 2019

— >"hey, implementing it is really hard and even the most extensively tested libaries have bugs"

thats not what I said, wtf?

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— Anyway, you are holding me up from workg

— No, that's what comes out from the discussion

— If you can't even agree on that, that you are living in your magical world of delusion and I won't try to get you of it :)

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The start key is what you provide as 'password' (and it can be passed as input of a key derivation function)

— It is exactly what you said

— /ban Srijan channel ad.

— Another one bites the dust...!
Banned Srijan.
channel ad.

— No! They do a statistical analysis on the access pattern on the precomputed lookup tables. Please _read_ the stuff you share and quote.

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— Guys I have downloaded codeblocks but facing problem with it

— It's quite new to me

— Do you have mingw

— Well I write simplest code in it and then it says it seems your file is not built I click on yes to build file but nothing happens
Until now I used turbo

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— It is showing error this file has not been built yet
I clicked yes to build file still again
Can anybody explain this situation

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— Without any error code, screenshot or something, very little we can do