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August 2018

— When the day is the same i just want the timeline to be updated, not redrawn. date & data getting dispatched into the redux store one after another (first date, then data when fetched)

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Any one teh VIs timeline experiance where you add one group with a couple of items that dont show up after adding?

— Hi

— I need to make https requests containing sensitive data. I do not want to get in touch with this sensitive data, in fact all this will be client side with javascript, only for the reason mentioned above I need to use a php proxy such as CORS Anywhere or my own, the question is: if I use these proxies to make https requests directly to the direct interested server, will the proxy have any information regarding the data sent?

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— I bet it (https proxy) will be able to get any data. https proxy sounds wierd. maybe some sysadmin knows better..

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— Ngomong opo??

— Вопрос выше. пиши на английском.

— Relax:

— Party's over🤤

— Https://

— Chrome is fast with array, FF is fast with string

— Https://