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June 2019

— Sorry, but I need to finish writing my compiler

— I'm almost done!

— Then I'll write a bytecode interpreter

— Like java


Sure, developers and researchers that spends decades to takle the problem, they are so stupid, they should have ask you in the first

— I plan on the compiler being done by tomorrow

— It remindes me of the guys that came up with that amazing encryption system

— Because all the others were so stupid

— In the end it was a pile of steamping crap :)

— The fact that the community of C++ has agreed on having std::vector, std::copy, iterators, exceptions ... etc should say something :D

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— They are?

— They think that AES is uncrackable and that RSA is secure lol

— Sure man! You are the only good developer in the world!

— No

— There are some good devs