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June 2019

— Why would it be hard?

— So everyone, everytime, should reimplement everything from scratch?

— Unless they find a GOOD implementation in a library

— That's not what you said


Anyway, I need to write enough code to make my application fill 16 Gigs of ram in the next hours if I want to get paid

— Because there are no good implementations of things 😂

— Sure, you will do much better

— Pretty much, yea

— Lol

— Because there are lots of way to attach an implementation and you have no idea of what you are talking about

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— Name me the concrete thing in an implementation of SSL thats hard

— You are so naive, I would like to see you face the real world once :)

— Sorry, but I need to finish writing my compiler

— I'm almost done!

— Then I'll write a bytecode interpreter