Message from C, C++ talks

June 2019

— But not every C function will compile in C++

— This is all going above my head.

— Thank you

— You can import declaration without problem


Except for when you can't because someone typedefed a bool, or used an old syntax for a struct or even just has one single utility in the .h file that contains invalid C++ code

— C++ does not support old struct format?

— 🤔

— I don't remember wether it does

— Anyway, there are so many differences between C and C++

— If you find code in .h please change library, but yea macro and typedef can createmore incopatibility

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— Are there linked lists in C?

— Yepp!

— No, don't change library if you find code in .h?

— Well... don't use libraries to begin with

— Not the code of the librery, pick another one