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June 2019

β€” #if and #endif are valid too? Why use these when we have if and else statements?

β€” For an example of those you could take a look at /usr/include/af_vfs.h if that file exists on your machine. Or every other file under /usr/include

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β€” Well ... πŸ˜…
I don't know. :)

β€” Internet can help you further, is a good page for C and C++


I have half-knowledge in both C and C++. I need to choose to learn any one language properly to give my programming exam in. Would you suggest me to go for C or C++?

β€” If you have confident skills then you would choose it on your own ;)

β€” C++, for sure

β€” C++. You can use every library which is written in C also in a C++-program.

β€” Xd

β€” Theoretically iirc.

β€” Yes

β€” Don’t listen to everyone who says that you shouldn’t combine cxx with c

β€” Char *a = malloc (10);

won't compile in C++

β€” Don't listen to those who say that C++ is bloat

β€” Just use C++