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August 2018

β€” Thanks tho


Hi , i need help, can I trigger click to bring up the input with the default datepicker in the Mozilla Android browser ?

β€” Samuel check this out

β€” 90% of the answer is in the question🀀 so, it is how you say it.

β€” ????

β€” Cool story bro

β€” Ey people, I have a datatable applied to an HTML table and later I show some dialogs, the point is that without the datatables it is fast, with the datatables it is pretttttty slooooooooowwwwww

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β€” I wonder how I can track that down... or how I can make it perform well

β€” Or how to disable the "datatables" while behind

β€” You mean tables?

β€” Some night background:

β€” For tables/grids with scroller, there is a lazy/virtual method which exists in some ready-to-use widgets, for paginator thing, implementation go to limiting db select

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