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June 2019

— Meh, if you want to be a "hacker", just insall kali and pretend yourself as one

— I am hacker

— Are you known as 4chan?

— :D


Do you know any example of code that would break into debugger on most compilers/IDE (or at least VS and clang/gcc with QT Creator)?

I've seen such big functions with lots of ifdefs and assembly code that you just call and it breaks. But can't find it now, only examples for VS.

Do you know where I can find such a function or maybe you have some in your project and don't mind sharing it?

— Or maybe there's some standardized way in some new revisions of C++

— Welcome

— Thank you

— Can anyone suggest me some channels where i can get programming books?

— #googleit

— Http://

— Pm

— Purge complete.

— I am a student who wants to use them for personal and educational purposes.. I can afford to buy some books but not all .. Some books may provide what others don’t.. Me as a programming student won’t buy original software like photoshop just to use once or twice a month .. and i cant afford it 🙁

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— I recommend you to get started with a practice instead of reading books. start doing some own small projects, whatever.

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