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June 2019

— Faster to maintain, faster to test, faster to push into prduction

— People however are not used t write it

— Don’t talk to this guy, he doesn’t know what is a production stage 😂

— Maybe we should get our definitions straight:


I call modern clean code that fancy modern stuff with classes, and design patterns and templates etc

— Sure, having small functions with good names and good variables is INDEED very important

— No, a class is not bloat

— Except for when the compiler fucks up at optimizing it or can't optimize it because you cannot just create half of the class

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— Please provide an example where a class adds bloat

— No

— Believe what you want ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

— Thought so... Torvalds strikes again "Talk is cheap. Show me the code."

— Though torvalds agrees with me that C++ is shit 😉

— That's not the definition of modern nor clean code imo. Modern and clean code is the one using the last technologies, it's only the needed code, and it's totally covered by useful and well written tests. The use of the right pattern in the right place and context is more useful than anything else in creating code easily readable, maintainable and sharable while contributing to improve a wide accepted way of doing stuff

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— Torvalds agrees about C++ being useless for a kernel