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August 2018

— The question would be, how to loop through it


Ah no, reminder.options is given by this array:

FIFTEEN_MINUTES:'~15 minutes',
ONE_HOUR:'~1 hour',
THREE_HOURS:'~3 hours',
REMIND_ME: '~Remind Me',
CANCEL: '~Cancel'

— How would I loop through this in the step definition?

— For (const time of REMINDER_OPTIONS) {

— Is this what you mean?

— Maybe, i can try

— Nope not working

— Thanks tho

— Hi , i need help, can I trigger click to bring up the input with the default datepicker in the Mozilla Android browser ?

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— Samuel check this out

— 90% of the answer is in the question🤤 so, it is how you say it.

— ????